List or table: T-S 13J26.13

List or table T-S 13J26.13


Verso: Accounts in Arabic script. In the Arabic hand of Efrayim b. Shemarya? (Compare T-S NS 324.135 + T-S Misc.29.59a + T-S 13J36.14, Halper 354, and CUL Or. 1080 J7.) Mentions money associated with the congregation of the Syrians (al-shāmiyyīn), Iraqis (al-ʿirāqiyyīn), and possibly Dammūh/Dimwa (but this seems to be written strangely as دموو in l. 3). Mentioning sums of dinars and names (mostly Syrian) such as Ibn al-Ḥimṣī (from Homs), Ghālib Ibn al-Raqqī, and someone from the Ibn Zawbaʿa family. Also Ismāʿīl b. Ṭalyūn (=Shemuel b. Avṭalyon, active as judge in Fustat from ca. 1016 CE through at least 1041 CE; see Goitein, Med Soc II, pp. 438, 511.) (l. 14). Also seems to mentions a Byzantine dinar (dīnār rūmī) (l. 13). Needs further examination.

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