State document: T-S Ar.22.140 + T-S K25.221

State document T-S Ar.22.140 + T-S K25.221


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Report to a Fatimid vizier. Dating: fifth/eleventh century. Khan published T-S K25.221 as the end of petition. Marina Rustow later found the join to the upper part of the document, T-S Ar.22.140, and if join is correct, it's not a petition but a report. About the join: the two fragments have the same size, format, layout and titulature. The hand on the two fragments differ slightly, possibly because the text on T-S K25.221 is the end of the document and formulaic, so less carefully written. T-S Ar.22140 was reused for a Judaeo-Arabic commentary on Isaiah 54:1 and 1 Samuel 1:11, while T-S K25.221 was reused for Hebrew poetry headed with the name of the meter, כפיף, and for Arabic accounts. Join: Marina Rustow. On the bottom fragment, there are traces of ink below lines 2 and 3 that demonstrate that the paper was folded when the ink was still wet. (Information from Khan, from CUDL and from Marina Rustow.)

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Geoffrey Khan, Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993).

Lower fragment

  1. ولمولانا الوزير الأجل صفى أمير المؤمنين وخالصته ادام الله علاه وكبت اعداه 

  2. الراى العالي في ذلك ان شا الله

  3. والحمد لله وصلواته على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله الأكرمين الطاهرين وسلم تسليما 

  4. وحسـ[ـبنا الله ونعم الوكيل]

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