Legal document: T-S Misc.24.5

Legal document T-S Misc.24.5


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Court record of three sessions concerning the same case dealing with two merchants, Shelomo ha-Kohen b. Saadya and Saadya b. Ishaq. Shelomo had sued Saadya for eight dinars, but when Saadya failed to appear for the final hearing, he was informed that if he did not attend the court session the following week, he would have to pay a fine of five dinars. According to the third record he did appear and paid the eight dinars. Written in Fustat. Dated Adar-Iyar 1410/ March-May 1099. The second record is in the hand of Avraham b. Shemaʿya. The first and third were written by Hillel b. Eli. (Information from Mediterranean Society, II, p. 110 at n. 31, where he mistakenly cites this as T-S Misc.24.137.1, for which see PGPID 4209; this shelfmark is cited in Med. Soc. II, p. 573 n. 17, but Goitein's summary must refer to a different, still-unidentified shelfmark. We have retained all index cards and both transcriptions under both PGPIDs.)

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