Legal document: T-S 10J26.13

Legal document T-S 10J26.13



Legal document. Record of release. Dated: February 1172. Location: Fustat. The record, emerging from the court of Maimonides, involves Ghalīb al-Bilbaysī b. Ṣedaqa, agent of Sayyid al-Kull Moshe b. ʿAbdallāh (ʿOvadya) Ibn al-Ḥallā the ḥazzan, who releases Abū al-Makārim Nadiv ha-Levi b. Moshe ha-Levi and his son Abū ‘Imrān from a partnership. At the time of release, Nadiv paid Ghalīb some hundreds of dinars, of which 10 dinars had come from his son from a deposit which Moshe had left with him subject to the laws of partnership (torat ‘isqa). Nadiv seems to have collected a debt from Abū ‘Alī al-Qarā in Upper Egypt on behalf of Moshe; these may have been funds due the partnership. (Information from Lieberman, "A Partnership Culture," 207)

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Phillip Ackerman-Lieberman, "A Partnership Culture: Jewish Economic and Social Life Seen Through the Legal Documents of the Cairo Geniza" (PhD diss., Princeton University, 2007).

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  1. In the first ten-day period of the month of Adar I 1483 (of the Era) of Documents, in Fusṭāṭ Egypt, situated on the Nile River,
  2. jurisdiction of our lord Moses, the great Rav in Israel, may his name endure forever,
  3. the Elder Ghalīb al-Bilbaysī b. Ṣedaqa the Elder (who) r(ests in) E(den,) agent of the Elder Sayyid al-Kull M(r.) Moses the Elder b. Obadiah the Ḥazzan, known as (I)bn al-Ḥallā’ (who) r(ests in) E(den) came before us—we, the undersigned—
  4. and said to us after he presented to the court a verified agency (agreement) from the aforementioned Sayyid al-Kull, appointing him to claim … which
  5. the law … him before Abū al-Makārim al-Tājir ha-Levi b. the Elder Abū ‘Imrān Mūsa, known as (I)bn … (our) tea(cher) and m(aster) Nadiv
  6. ha-Levi, the beloved Elder (may his) R(ock) p(rotect him) b. (his) h(onor,) g(reatness, and) h(oliness, our) tea(cher) and m(aster) Moses the Elder (who) r(ests in) E(den), and someone else, and he appointed him in the aforementioned agency (agreement)
  7. to settle and to release someone else upon whom he had a claim. The aforementioned Ghalīb said to us, after establishing the validity of this aforementioned agency (agreement)
  8. completely, “Testify on my behalf and perform a qinyan with me, with the formula ‘effective immediately’, write and sign
  9. [on my behalf] using all the appropriate [legal formulae] and the expressions of certainty, and all the language [of claims,] and give it to the Elder
  10. […in order that there would be] in his hand proof and a legal claim from this day forward […] … your hands, an acknowledgment
  11. […] from the aforementioned Elder Abū al-Makārim al-Tājir, in terms of good gold specie of standard Fus[ṭāṭ] weight,
  12. [… hun]red and twenty dinars and a half and a quarter dinar of weighed gold specie. This aforementioned amount came into [my] possession
  13. [from the] aforementioned [Elder Abū] al-Makārim in toto, completely, after verifying its weight and stamping, as a payment on behalf of his son
  14. […] Abu ‘Imrān the beloved youth (may his) R(ock) p(rotect him), and the aforementioned Elder Abū al-Makārim said to me that when I received
  15. the aforementioned amount from him, ten dina(rs) from the aforementioned total which he paid, Abū ‘Imrān added (to that) from the aforementioned Sayyid al-[Kull,]
  16. in accordance with the laws of partnership (be-torat ‘isqa). Concerning that which the aforementioned Abū al-‘Imrān claimed //for// the aforementioned Sayyid al-Kull from
  17. Abū ‘Alī the Karaite, known as (I)bn al-‘Anī //in// al-Ṣa‘īd, sixteen dinars and a two-thirds of a dinar, and the seven dina[rs,] and the two remaining qirāṭs from
  18. the aforementioned total amount as profit. I received the aforementioned sixteen and two-thirds dinars, and I—
  19. the aforementioned Ghalīb—have released the Elder Abū al-Makārim ha-Levi al-Tājir, and his son the Elder [Abū] ‘Im[rā]n ha-Levi the beloved youth
  20. from all the //aforementioned// twenty-three dinars and a half and a quarter dinars, a [complete, tota]l, effective, correct release
  21. effective immediately, from the aforementioned Sayyid al-Kull, the one who has appointed me his agent, and upon his heirs after him, to the aforementioned Eld[er Abū al-Makārim al-Levi] al-Tājir and to his son
  22. the aforementioned Elder Abū ‘Imrān ha-Levi and to their heirs af[ter] their [dea]ths, (a release) without any flawed
  23. detail therein or argument nullifying [it], nor […] (and I have released him) from any
  24. sort of vow or oath […]
  25. a complete, effective release, effective immediately, a release without any detail [… Ghalīb]
  26. b. Ṣedaqa al-Bilbaysī concerning all … […]
  27. effective immediately, in accordance with his will, without any duress whatsoever, nullify[ing all secret dispositions and conditions. We wrote]
  28. and signed and gave it to the Elder Ab[ū al-Makārim…]
  29. Everything is proper and clear [and enduring …]
  30. nullifying it, nor condition for all […] … […]
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