State document: T-S NS J103 + T-S 10J17.6

State document T-S NS J103 + T-S 10J17.6



Recto: Decree, fragment, to two local officials stating that a certain Abū l-Faraj b. Bū l-Waḥsh should be exempted from paying taxes (or from standing surety on the tax-farm?) on a shop (ḍamān al-ḥānūt) and that he requires no further documentation of his exemption. Join: Mordechai Friedman and Amir Ashur.

T-S 10J17.6 1v



Tamer el-Leithy, Marina Rustow and Naïm Vanthieghem, Unpublished editions.


  1. الدين الذكر والناهض نصر ادام الله
  2. سلامتهما وحراستهما ونعمتهما

  3. على هذا المثال يعفوا ابو الفرج

  4. بن بو الوحش اليهودي من ضمان

  5. الحانوت ولا يحوجاه الى

  6. معاودة ولا مكاتبة اخرى

  7. وهما غير محتاجين الى وصاة في 

Right margin

 بسبب ضمان الحانوت و

Trial of the pen

  1. . … فيها وسط البياض على درف التواق


  2. من الخميس الى الخميس موقفا


  3.  وفي يميني قلم محرفا بخط لخط خط فيه


  4. سرف


Tamer el-Leithy, Marina Rustow and Naïm Vanthieghem, Unpublished editions.


  1. (titulature) Naṣr, may God prolong

  2. their (dual) well-being, protection and benefaction, 

  3. about this (case): they have exempted Abū l-Faraj

  4. b. Bū l-Waḥsh the Jew from the tax-farm 

  5. of the shop. Do not require him 

  6. to reapply (for exemption) or to file any other paperwork.  

  7. They do not require instructions for

Right margin

Regarding taxes on the shop, let it be delivered

T-S NS J103 verso



  1. خفض الغيط [...

  2. وان لا بر لا عن ظهور دوابهم  

  3. لا ليل ولا نهار فليعمل ذلك 

  4. ان شا الله تعالى

  5. الحمد لله وحده وصلواته على سيدنا محمد وآله وسلم تسليما

Right margin

  1. ليسلم
  2. والحذر من التعرض الى اليهودي المذكور 


  1. the protection of cultivated land  [

  2. For it is neither open land, nor on the backs of their animals (?),

  3. neither by night nor by day. And let it be carried out,

  4. if God, may he be exalted, wills.

  5. Praise be to God alone and his benedictions be upon our lord Muḥammad and his family, and save them. 

Right margin

A warning against opposing the aforementioned Jew.

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