Letter: T-S NS J103 + T-S 10J17.6

Letter T-S NS J103 + T-S 10J17.6


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Verso: Letter from Daʾūd (probably muqaddam of Bilbays) to the judge Eliyyahu b. Zekharya. This is a petition in which the sender expresses his alarm over the fact that a responsum from the Nagid Avraham Maimonides with instructions had been sent some time before this present letter to Eliyyahu, who had not acted upon it yet. On recto, there is also an Arabic document (see separate record). (Information from CUDL and Mediterranean Society, II, p. 338.) Join: MAF and AA.


S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.

T-S 10J17.6 1v


Top left margin, diagonal lines. Tarjama.

  • אלממלוך אלאצגר דאגר
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