Unknown type: Bodl. MS heb. f 22/19–52

Unknown type Bodl. MS heb. f 22/19–52


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Bodl. MS heb. f 22/19–52 is a notebook of a notary and bookseller, containing drafts of legal deeds, some of them dated (1155, 1159, 1160, 1162), entries about books received in commission for sale or loaned out, accounts, and prescriptions. Within the notebook, Bodl. MS heb. f 22/20v–25r is a Passover Haggada. (Information from Goitein's index card.) See individual records for individual descriptions. The book-related portions were edited by Allony et al., The Jewish Library in the Middle Ages: Book Lists from the Cairo Genizah, 157–80. Transcription awaiting digitization.