State document: ENA 3842.1

State document ENA 3842.1



Letter in Arabic script addressed to al-Mawqif al-Ashraf and ʿIzz al-Dawla. Maybe Fatimid official correspondence. Mentions the amīrs Shujāʿ al-Dawla, Majd al-Dawla, and the city of Tripoli. The writer mentions sending a delegate/appointee to the amīr Shujāʿ al-Dawla, but the latter refused to accept him and sent the delegate back claiming that he hadn't received an amr (order) from al-Haḍra al-Muṭahhara (=Fatimid Caliph). The writer then sent the delegate/appointee back to the amīr Shujāʿ al-Dawla with a copy of the Noble Letter which was sent in this regard. He also mentions the case of the amīr Majd al-Dawla and explains that Ibn Dardār or someone else hadn't messed up but rather the cause was what he had mentioned in the previous letter. Deserves further historical inquiry into the names of the officials and especially for the light it may shed on administrative practices e.g., نسخت الفصل من الملطف الكريم الوارد في معناه. Al-Maqrīzī attests that the al-Mulaṭṭaf was a benevolent decree issued by the Caliph (al-Iṭṭiʿāẓ, vol.2, pg. 153). Reused for Hebrew literary text.

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Yusuf Umrethwala, Alan Elbaum and May Shaddel, unpublished editions (n.p., 2022).


  1. كتابي . اسيره(؟) الى الموقف الاشرف والى حضرة مولاي القائد

  2. الاجل عز الدولة وحسامها ادام الله تمكينه ولما وصل ا[بن/بو؟]

  3. نسا؟ الى طرابلس امتنع الامير شجاع الدولة ادام الله عزه 

  4. من قبوله واعاده مع الموكل به الي وذكر انه لم يرد عليه امر

  5. من الحضرة المطهرة فيه فرددته اليه ونسخت له الفصل

  6. من الملطف الكريم الوارد في معناه واما حديث

  7. الامير مجد الدولة ادام الله عزه فلم يشعث الحال بيني وبينه 

  8. ابن دردار؟ (دردان؟) ولا غيره وانما شعثها ما قد سبقت كتبي

  9. به مما حدث حبوس به نفسه وما هم بفعله وكاد الثغر  


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