State document: ENA 3700.1

State document ENA 3700.1


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Petition or report to the Fatimid chief qāḍī and chief dāʿī (القاضي الاجل المكين سيد الوزرا وتاج الاصفيـ[ـا قاضي القضـ]ـاة وداعي الدعاة علم المجد عمدة الدين امين امير المؤمنين). Refers to "al-ḥaḍra al-majīda" (al-Ḥāfiẓ?) and a letter that arrived from the "majlis al-wizāra." Few specifics are mentioned apart from blessings and flattery, but the sender emphasizes his zeal in the addressee's service (khidma) and for the establishment of the Fatimid mission (iqāmat al-daʿwa). A draft to judge by the crossings-out. Needs further examination. Reused for piyyuṭ on recto.

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Yusuf Umrethwala, [digital geniza document edition] (in Arabic) (Unpublished: n.p., 2022).


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