State document: BL OR 5557K.10 + T-S NS 162.34 + T-S NS 70.10

State document BL OR 5557K.10 + T-S NS 162.34 + T-S NS 70.10


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Official letter, possibly addressed to the vizier ("ḥaḍrat al-wizāra") concerning the appointment of an amir in Yemen. Dating: ca. 11th/12th century. On verso there is a Hebrew piyyut based on 1 Kings 2 followed by a piyyut based on Shemot. (Information in part from Khan's edition of T-S NS 162.34.) The joins are indirect and are not certain but appear to match on both sides. Joins: Alan Elbaum. Other Arabic documents reused by the same Hebrew scribe: T-S Ar.38.140 (PGPID 16798), T-S NS 223.22 (PGPID 38255), ENA 3700.1 (PGPID 32749), ENA 3974.6 (PGPID 11251).

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