State document: BL OR 5557K.10 + T-S NS 162.34 + T-S NS 70.10

State document BL OR 5557K.10 + T-S NS 162.34 + T-S NS 70.10


Official letter, possibly addressed to the vizier ("ḥaḍrat al-wizāra") concerning the appointment of an amir in Yemen. Dating: ca. 11th/12th century. On verso there is a Hebrew piyyut based on 1 Kings 2 followed by a piyyut based on Shemot. (Information in part from Khan's edition of T-S NS 162.34.) The joins are indirect and are not certain but appear to match on both sides. Joins: Alan Elbaum. Other Arabic documents reused by the same Hebrew scribe: T-S Ar.38.140 (PGPID 16798), T-S NS 223.22 (PGPID 38255), ENA 3700.1 (PGPID 32749), ENA 3974.6 (PGPID 11251).

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Geoffrey Khan, Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993).
  1. [ ] my most glorious lord

  2. When the slave [[established]] learnt of the good intention, the kind view and the noble patronage,

  3. he desired to show reverence to his lofty presence, may God increase its glory

  4. and establish his magnificence, for his glorious actions of the past through which he honourably achieved

  5. celebrity and distinction and more [[glorious]] fine qualities

  6. than the preceding 'amīrs of Yemen who have been appointed previously by the

  7. government.

  8. His slaves will relate to him - may God [[establish]] cause his rule to endure - what the slave has charged them with concerning this, for he, by God, is prepared. 

  9. If he has among [your 'amīrs]] the 'amīrs of the Arabs a slave who is at his disposal

  10. [ ] his adherence to him (?).

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