List or table: T-S 8J41.1

List or table T-S 8J41.1


Verso: Probably an alms list in Judaeo-Arabic and Arabic. There are also some names of people who may be contributors. Mentions names including ʿAzīz; Rashīd; Bū Saʿd; Bayt ʿAbīd; Mūsā; Bū ʿAlī; Bayt Barakāt; Naṣrallāh; Ibrāhīm al-Kohen; Shemuel al-Muhadhdhab; al-Rayyis Abū Manṣūr; Ibn al-Dayyān; al-Riḍā; Abū Isḥāq; Abū l-Ṭāhir; Abū l-Majd Ibn al[...];

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