State document: CUL Or.1080 9.8

State document CUL Or.1080 9.8



Complete letter/report in Arabic script written on a long, vertical strip of paper. Looks like a report to a high official or the draft of the body of a petition in an 11th or 12th-century chancery hand, written on a long, thin strip (30cm x 5-6cm). Discusses extensively government service (khidma). Mentions al-Qāḍī al-Rashīd Ibn Sanāʾ al-Mulk (probably the father of the famous poet, cf. ENA 3918.8 (PGPID 10233)) on v15–16, who rebukes somebody who caused trouble (fitna). The document may also discuss an appointment to the office of capitation taxes (jawālī) (r12). Al-Shaykh al-Sadīd was terrified at the prospect of being put in charge of government funds; the sender offers an excuse for him (perhaps that he doesn’t even know accounting? lā yaqtadir ʿalā istirfāʿ ḥisāb). Needs further examination. ASE