Letter: CUL Or.1081 1.72

Letter CUL Or.1081 1.72



Letter in Ladino, nearly complete but with numerous lacunae, from a mother to her daughter, addressed to her son-in-law Yaʿaqov Reshit (?) in Saida. The writer was expecting deliveries of several items, mostly fabrics (e.g. a cortina and a mandīl; she has also sent a vela to the addressee) but some obscure commodities as well (e.g. טובאזֿא/טובאכֿא and פאניין). However, it seems most of the expected items have not arrived. The writer repeatedly rebukes the addressee for this failure. "I will not send you anything until your sister. . . ." She is also disgruntled about learning about her new grandson through a third party: "You did not write me to tell me that you gave birth to a boy. I already found out, barukh hashem, no thanks to you. And peace. Kisses to the boys from me. And peace." Her signature seems disgruntled as well: "That which you wish to see, that I, your mother, write to you." In a postscript she sends regards to her son-in-law. Verso contains the address in Hebrew, along with various other jottings. ASE.

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