Legal document: AIU VII.D.38 + AIU VII.D.65 + AIU VII.D.66

Legal document AIU VII.D.38 + AIU VII.D.65 + AIU VII.D.66



Recto: Legal declaration from Fustat, 1737 CE (18 Shevat 5497), in which the witnesses testify that Shelomo b. David divorcd his wife Sarah bt. Mordechai. Presumably a draft: lines are crossed out, and there are no signatures. Verso: On the right is a narrative (for legal purposes?) of events having to do with Berakha (?) Cassuto and her husband Mordekhai b. Shabbetay and someone named ʿAbdallāh. On the left is a list headed "These are the names of the pieces of the dowry (nidonya) belonging to R. Saʿd (?) Cassuto."