Legal document: AIU VII.E.227

Legal document AIU VII.E.227



A document that has been folded twice. The outer face (pages 1 and 4) contains legal documents relating to business partnerships; a Moshe and a Yosef are named. The innner face (pages 2 and 3) is a long and clearly written legal document drawn up in Alexandria involving business partnerships, dated 1750 CE (Heshvan 5511). The occasion seems to have been the death of R. Shulam, a native of Rhodes who lived in Izmir for many years. His partners included Avraham Arukh and Nissim Provencal, residents of Alexandria, and Shem Tov al-Hadif (?) who is from Rhodes but presently in Alexandria. It seems the partners are now agreeing to transfer the partnership into the name of Yiṣḥaq Nemias (? נעמיאס) and Yosef Shulam. There are another 50 lines or so: merits further examination.