Legal document: T-S 10J6.11

Legal document T-S 10J6.11


Verso: Note written on the verso of a legal query. Concerning litigation between a separated husband and wife. This note invites the plaintiff to court to receive the answer to his queries orally. The recto is written by Ḥalfon b. Menashshe. (Information from Goitein's index cards)

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S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.
  1. אלחבר הכהן יטלע
  2. פי אלגד אלינא או
  3. אלנהאר אליום
  4. ליסמע אלגואב
  5. פי מא סטרה
  6. פי הדה אלרקעה
  7. ותכון צחבתה
  8. ושלום


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