Letter: DK 315

Letter DK 315



Letter from Najm [...] al-Muʿallim the brother-in-law of Kamāl b. Yūsuf, in Fustat, to his 'brother' the cantor Musāfir ha-Bavli, in Alexandria. Spellings are eccentric. The first half is obscure, but mainly has to do with how much he misses and is worried about the addressee. He reports that the addressee's sister is still sick. His sister and his mother send regards and kiss his eyes. Turfa and Najm and Yehuda send their regards. Abu Yaʿqūb and his brother and father send their regards. Verso contains the address and a lot of random jottings. Related to Bodl. MS heb. d 66/23 (PGPID 6459). See T-S 13J16.10 (PGPID 3252) for the full list of related documents. ASE