Legal document: T-S AS 160.143

Legal document T-S AS 160.143



Legal query concerning an orphan girl. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: 13th century (the precise date can likely be established based on the references in the document). The main question at stake seems to be determining the date of her birth and therefore if she has reached maturity (bagrut) The sender thinks she has, but defers to the addressee. He reports someone's testimony that she was 5 days old when al-Muʿaẓẓam died (likely al-Muʿaẓẓam ʿĪsā, who died in 1227 CE); her paternal uncle swears to this. They summoned the mother of Bayān the landlord, who says something about 13 years and al-Malik al-Nāṣir. The addressee is asked to make up his mind and inform the Nagid. This is written on a reused earlier Arabic (state?) document. (Information in part from CUDL.) Likely the same handwriting as CUL Or.1080 J59 (PGPID 4755).

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