Letter: Stras. 4110/90

Letter Stras. 4110/90


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In PGP since 2020


Complete letter in the same unmistakeable hand as several others (see the tag). In other letters, he writes to his father in Minyat Qa'id and is treated for a febrile disease by Ibn Habib. In this one: he is upset about a lack of letters in response to his own and to those from his brother Abu l-Ḥasan. He mentions news from al-Mahallah. Much of the letter has to with plans for the holidays, possibly encouraging the recipient (likely his father) to "come out" and spend it with him. Abu l-Faraj b. al-Sammāk (son of the fishmonger) also encourages this. Then there is discussion of transfers of money involving his brother Abu l-Ḥasan. A certain Abu Bakr accompanies the bearer of the letter. The writer has also enclosed a letter to Waḥshī (? a man) and another one to Berakhah to Bilbays. ASE.