Letter: Stras. 4110/90

Letter Stras. 4110/90



Complete letter in the same unmistakeable hand as several others (see the tag). In other letters, he writes to his father in Minyat Qa'id and is treated for a febrile disease by Ibn Habib. In this one: he is upset about a lack of letters in response to his own and to those from his brother Abu l-Ḥasan. He mentions news from al-Mahallah. Much of the letter has to with plans for the holidays, possibly encouraging the recipient (likely his father) to "come out" and spend it with him. Abu l-Faraj b. al-Sammāk (son of the fishmonger) also encourages this. Then there is discussion of transfers of money involving his brother Abu l-Ḥasan. A certain Abu Bakr accompanies the bearer of the letter. The writer has also enclosed a letter to Waḥshī (? a man) and another one to Berakhah to Bilbays. ASE.