Legal document: Yevr. II A 1317

Legal document Yevr. II A 1317



Circumcision certificate, Qaraite. Location: Cairo. Dated: Adar I 5377 AM, which is 1617 CE. Also dated 1929 Seleucid, which should be 1618 CE. Contains a lengthy genealogy of Qaraite Nasis all the way to Adam ha-Rishon. For the genealogy, see Yevr. II A 1318 (either a cleaner copy of the same document, or just a different document produced for a different circumcision in the same month). There are additional genealogical entries in the upper margin, written in the style of Genesis, and describing migrations between Damascus and Fustat/Cairo. The first entry is confusingly dated Thursday, 23 Sivan 5613 AM, which is 1853 CE. It is not out of the question that the scribe meant to write שלש but forgot the ל. Nor is it out of the question that a latter-day Nasi reused the document. Needs further examination.