Legal document: Yevr. II A 1271

Legal document Yevr. II A 1271


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Elaborate Karaite ketubba, dated both according to the creation and to the 'counting of the Greeks'. The groom Yosef b. Mordechai b. Shalom is taking upon himself not to marry another wife for 20 years but if his wife Esther bt. Ḥayyīm ha-Kohen will be childless he can marry another after 10 years. He also commits not to curse her family. Line four states that the ketubba was recorded before "the elders and undersigned witnesses," which include: the scribe Yosef Melamed, Musi ʿUziel, and Avraham[?] ben Aharon Barma[?]. The borders of the ketubba feature a gorgeous floral design.