Paraliterary text: Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.22

Paraliterary text Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.22


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Entry in court notebook (#54). Prescription. Recipe for preparation of an ointment consisting of powdered litharge (martak masḥūq); calf suet (shaḥm kulā ʿijl); aged, fine oil (zayt ṭayyib ʿatīq); and perhaps dragon's blood (reading קטאר as qāṭir). The title is difficult to read; Goitein suggests "marham kulā" (kidney ointment, with the dot over the letter preceding kulā indicating that it should be deleted). Also possible is "marham nakhlī" (date-palm ointment). Contemporary documents and literary sources indicate that a "date-palm ointment" was used for the treatment of wounds; cf. T-S 8J20.26. Although no component of this ointment derives from a date-palm, it is to be stirred while it cooks with a green palm leaf (yuḥarrak bi-jarīd akhḍar), and plausibly the same leaf is somehow incorporated or used to apply the completed ointment on to the desired site. NB: Goitein referred to this document as folio 21 (Firk. II NS 1700.21) in accordance with the foliation written in pen; but the correct folio is 22, as written in pencil (the librarian with the pen gave two folios the number 8). ASE.


S. D. Goitein, handwritten texts.

[[יוכד שחם אלכלי]]

  1. מרהם גבלי [מרהם כלי? מרהם נכלי?]
  2. מרתק מסחוק נאעם ושחם כלי //עגל//
  3. מסלי וזית טייב עתיק מן כל
  4. ואחד גזו באלקטאר מח/רו/ק
  5. וזן רבע אלמרתק מסחוק
  6. נאעם יכלט אלגמיע וירכב
  7. פי הון או צלאיה וירפע עלי
  8. נאר האדיה ויחרך בגריד אכצר
  9. ויטבך חתי ינעקד פי קואם
  10. אלמרהם