Legal document: Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.17

Legal document Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.17


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Legal record (#37). Concerning earthenware vessels. The beginning of the record is missing, and it was not completed. Makārim al-Abzārī b. Avraham attests that he has 350 earthenware vessels for wine (טמאויה פכאר) which "he bought from him" for 70 dirhams; that they are in his (Makārim's) possession; that he pays 1 dirham per month as their rent (bi-ajrihi); and that the remaining balance he owes is 45 dirhams, which he will pay when he wishes to do so. Makārim al-Abzārī appears also in record #61 (Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.24, verso). (NB: Goitein referred to this document as folio 16 (Firk. II NS 1700.16AI, with the A indicating recto and the I indicating text block) in accordance with the foliation written in pen; but the correct folio is 17, as written in pencil (the librarian with the pen gave two folios the number 8). ASE.

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  • ואקני מן מכארם אלאבזארי בן אברהם אן ענדה ופי קבלה
  • שנ טמאויה פכאר אשתראהם מנה בע דרהם
  • ואנהם ענד מכארם [[על]] באגרה דרהם כל שהר
  • ואן אלבאקי לה ענדה מה דרהם יקים לה בהא מתי
  • אראד וכתב לזכו