Legal document: Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.13

Legal document Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.13


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Legal record. Partnership agreement. Dating: 1156. Summary of contract terms wherein Abū al-Faraj b. Ghilāth invests 150 dinars and Tamīm al-Sukkarī, the active partner, invests 10 dinars in a trading agreement. Tamīm has total discretion over what commodities he will trade in when he travels to Upper Egypt. A “surplus of one-half dinar” is allocated, presumably to Tamīm as the active partner. This is a nominal amount allocated to the active partner above and beyond the even split of profits. The half-dinar mentioned in lines 9-10 may have been a per diem allocated to Tamīm, or it may simply have been a nominal supplemental payment "for his trouble". According to Goitein, this document is in the hand of the judge Mevorakh b. Natan, written between April and August 1156. (Information from Lieberman, "A Partnership Culture", 89-90.) NB: Lieberman identifies this document as "Document 28: Firkovitch II 1700 12 a II".


S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.
  1. יכתב עקד שרכה
  2. בקס דינ סלם אבו
  3. אלפרג בן גלאת קנ
  4. לתמים אלסכרי ואצא[ף
  5. אליהא עשרה יסאפר
  6. באלגמיע אלצעיד
  7. וישתרי מא אכתארה
  8. ואלפאידה נצפין באלסויה
  9. ופצלה
  10. בנצף דינ>


Phillip Ackerman-Lieberman, "A Partnership Culture: Jewish Economic and Social Life Seen Through the Legal Documents of the Cairo Geniza" (PhD diss., Princeton University, 2007).


  1. He wrote a partnership (shirka) agreement
  2. for 160 din(ars), of which Abū
  3. al-Faraj b. Ghilāth handed over 150
  4. to Tamīm al-Sukkarī, who adde[d]
  5. ten thereto; he (Tamīm) will travel
  6. with the total to Upper Egypt.
  7. He may buy what he wishes.
  8. The profit will be (divided into) halves, exactly,
  9. and he receives a surplus (over his partner)
  10. by a half a din(ar.)