List or table: T-S NS J570

List or table T-S NS J570



Bifolio in Judaeo-Arabic. Perhaps originally from a ledger of business accounts. Containing detailed records about the flooding of the Nile in 1054 CE and 1055 CE, as well as descriptions of the celebration of the opening of the canal (al-Khalīj) by the caliph Maʿadd Abū Tamīm al-Mustanṣir Billāh, the vizier al-Yāzūrī (called Sayyid al-Wuzarāʾ), and the latter's two sons Khaṭīr al-Mulk and Ṣafiyy al-Mulk. The dates are given mainly according to the Islamic and Coptic calendars, but Rosh Hashana and Sukkot (of the year 4815 AM) are also used as reference points. This document is apparently uncited in the literature. See T-S AS 144.187 for a much later example of a similar account. ASE