Letter: T-S NS J386

Letter T-S NS J386


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In PGP since 2019


Letter in the hand of Yefet b. Menashshe probably to one of his brothers. In Judaeo-Arabic. Large fragment (lower right corner of recto). Mentions: Abū l-Munā; the tax collector (ṣāḥib al-mas) Abū ʿA[lī?]; something distressing; a request to talk to someone important (mawlāy al-ajall); Nuṣayr; regards to Khalīl; a great loss (? khaṣāra ʿaẓīma); three dirhams to purchase something with; a Jewish man from Tūnis who is going to Fustat en route to upper Egypt (al-Ṣāʿīd); dinars; Isḥāq b. אלמהר; a complaint about his friends who just take advantage of him (cf. T-S AS 153.235 with a similar complaint); his distress and shame about asking people for help; a request to get Nuṣayr to do something; tailoring something; and the closing greetings.