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Letter ENA 2727.29


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Letter from Aharon b. Naḥum ha-Tinnisi the scribe. The writer is in need. He lost his job and prices are high, so he left Tinnis (in the Egyptian Delta), leaving behind two children as 'orphans' with their grandfather. He asks for help from the unnamed addressee.

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S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.
  1. ] אעלם מולאי אלשיך אלגליל אטאל אללה בקאה ואדאם עזה
  2. ] סלאמתה ונעמתה אני רגל מן אהל תניס
  3. ע]אקת מעישתי ודאם עליי גלא אלסער פלם אגד לי ל

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