Legal document: T-S NS 342.98 + T-S NS 342.89

Legal document T-S NS 342.98 + T-S NS 342.89


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Draft of a legal document or documents, in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe ha-Levi (1100–38 CE). Regarding a partnership in a tax farm, on all of the proceeds from silk coming into the Ṣināʿa (the main port of Fustat), from the Jazīra, from the near [and the far Ṣaʿīds], from al-Sharqiyya and al-Gharbiyya, and by river and by land. The "new customs tax on the Ṣināʿa" is excluded. The enormous sum of 3,565 (dinars) is mentioned in the margin. Underneath that, 155 dinars. Verso is probably related. Someone commits to "protecting" whomever encounters opposition in dyeing, importing, or selling silk, or petitions him about this (istinjāz tawqīʿih). There is also a condition that people will not sell silk in a certain period. It seems that only one name appears: Abū Saʿd. See T-S NS 226.57 + T-S NS 225.92 (PGPID 24232) and related documents cited there. AA/ASE. Join: Alan Elbaum.