Legal document: T-S NS 226.57 + T-S NS 225.92

Legal document T-S NS 226.57 + T-S NS 225.92



Fragments of a legal deed in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe ha-Levi (1100–38 CE). Dating: mentions [14]44 Seleucid and Jumādā II 527 AH = April/May 1133 CE. Mentions the name Ṭoviyya ha-Kohen and a monthly payment of 1.75 dinars. Refers to 'the tax farmers in the aforementioned Minya' and probably to a dyeing workshop (maṣbagh). AA. ASE. Join: Alan Elbaum. T-S NS 226.109 (PGPID 24250) and T-S AS 169.293 (PGPID 37668) are likely related but do not appear to be direct joins. See also T-S NS 226.33 + T-S NS 226.31 (PGPID 24355) and T-S NS 342.98 + T-S NS 342.89 (PGPID 26100).