List or table: T-S NS 338.40

List or table T-S NS 338.40



Distribution list for public charity. In Judaeo-Arabic, transitioning to Arabic script on verso. Dating: Perhaps ca. 13th century, but that is a guess. There are markings next to many of the names, perhaps indicating whether or what they received. There are numerous diminutive forms and some interesting profession names. The beneficiaries include: Abū Yaʿqūb; Barhūn; Abū Zikrī; גזוק; Mūsā; Abū Sahl; Ibn al-ʿAjamī; Surayr; Ṣudayqa; Buraykāt and his mother; מגא; אשוימי; the ear cleaner (munaqqī al-adhān); Ibn Sulaymān; the sons of the killed man; the Kohen; al-maʿārīf; Fuḍayl; Mawhūb; al-jār and his mother; the disabled man (al-muqʿad); the teachers; the blind; Isḥāq; Sulaymān; the Lādhiqī; the Baʿalbakkī; Maḥfūẓ; al-Ramādī; the brother of the disabled man; Khallūf b. al-Dabbāgh; the Baghdadi; the philosopher. The total sum distributed may be given in Arabic script at the bottom left of verso.