List or table: T-S NS 338.28

List or table T-S NS 338.28



Bifolio from an account ledger in Judaeo-Arabic. Possibly accounts of a grocer, or grocery lists and other notes of a customer. Dated: There are entries for most of the days in the range Thursday, 14 Ramaḍān through Thursday, 28 Ramaḍān 433 AH = 7–21 May 1042 CE. Numerous foods are listed, e.g., eggplant, green almond, onion, mulūkhiyya, starch, cucumber (faqqūs), eggs, apple, herbs (baql), meat, 10 pounds of offal (buṭūn), "oiled pegs" (? awtād madhūna), and something called צֿעפי or קטוע אלצֿעפי. There are also some additional notes, including a boxed note on Friday the 15th which mentions going to the bathhouse; that the faqīh will spend something; and that "he said, until I write you a ruqʿa after the sabbath." On Sunday the 17th: "because Barakāt has not slaughtered."