Letter: T-S NS 338.26

Letter T-S NS 338.26


Letter from a man, probably in al-Maḥalla, to a friend or family member, probably in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. He asks if a certain commodity sold in Fustat. The sender greets his father and mother; his brother ʿImrān and his family; Sitt al-Bayt; the wife of his paternal uncle; the addressee and his family; and Aharon. They must not tell the sender's father that he might be traveling to Alexandria, since that would make him worry. The addressee is to convey a complaint to the "[R]aʾīs" about a group of misers (qawm shiḥāḥ) who can barely be made to pay. The sender complains that the money he can make in al-Maḥalla does not even suffice to hire a riding animal. He is not sure if he should travel next to Alexandria or to Sammanūd and Damīra. ASE