State document: T-S NS 327.82

State document T-S NS 327.82



May be a receipt (? istiqbāl) for rent for government property (=ḥikr / ground rent?) from Yūsuf al-Ṣayrafī (this is tentative, as the end of the first line is damaged). The layout is very similar to formal fiscal receipts, but the hand is that of a layperson (and also quite shaky). The rent is for a a shop in Ḥabs ʿUmar for Jumādā II, 493 AH (=April/May 1100 CE). The rent is 10.25 wariq dirhams. The scribe is ʿAbdallāh b. ʿAbd al-[...] representing (niyābatan ʿan) the government employee (al-mustakhdam) from the Banū(?) ʿUmar. There is the simplest possible ʿalāma at the upper left (al-ḥamdu lil-lāhi, in the hand of the scribe who wrote the document) followed by 10.25 in Greek/Coptic numerals. The bottom line may read "al-shukr lil-lāhi." ASE