Letter: T-S NS 324.96 + T-S AS 150.63

Letter T-S NS 324.96 + T-S AS 150.63



Letter from a son to his father Mubārak b. [...], in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic with the address in Arabic script. With rudimentary handwriting and spellings. The son complains about his wife's insolence and quarrelsomeness (אלקחה ואלמכאלפה ואלגראב). Especially noteworthy is his statement 'an evil woman is leprosy for her husband' (אלדי קאל פיהא אלכתאב אשה ראעה צאראעת לבעלה), quoting a proverb attributed to Ben Sira in BT Yevamot 63b and Sanhedrin 100b. He also reports that he has been fasting for three days. (וחק אלתורה אן כתבת לך הדא אלכתאב אלא ואנא צאים לי תלתתיאם מא דקת שי). Refers to the addressee coming to Fustat. Verso also contains several rows of Greek/Coptic numerals. (Information mainly from Oded Zinger and CUDL.) Join: Alan Elbaum

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