Legal document: T-S NS 324.43

Legal document T-S NS 324.43


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Small fragment of a legal query sent to Maimonides about Reuven who passed away and left a house and tow sons. Also mentioned Bu Shiyya (as Friedman's and Blau's reading) or BOSHEYYA (= convert to Islam. Zinger's reading) who received a quarter of a house. Also Mahalla is mentioned and a big brother who passed away. Friedman pointed out some similarities between this query and T-S 10 K 8.7 (Blau, Maimonides' Responsa, no. 282, p. 532-533). Same scribe wrote also TS NS J 485+ TS 8J20.16 + TS NS 283.96 (published Zinger, One Hour He Is a Christian and the Next He Is a Muslim!” A Family Dispute from the Cairo Geniza, Al-Masāq (2019), vol. 31)