State document: T-S NS 306.111

State document T-S NS 306.111


Recto: Upper part of an official letter/report. In Arabic script. The handwriting looks Ayyubid or Mamluk-era. Moderately wide line spacing. Opens with a taqbīl and salutations for al-majlis al-sāmī al-ajallī al-ʿālī al-mawlawī al-makhdūmī etc. Mentions terms such as "al-dīwān al-maʿmūr" and "al-khidma." Needs examination for content. In between the lines and in the upper margin: there is a draft of another letter in Arabic script, possibly in the same handwriting, addressed to Abū l-Futūḥ. Also mentions al-Qāḍī Mūsā, another Qāḍī (al-ajall al-wajīh al-mukarram al-aʿazz al-sadīd) Jalāl al-Dīn, and Abū l-Makārim al-Kātib (same as in T-S 10J6.3 (PGPID 3042)?). Verso: The upper section is an unidentified text in Arabic script, maybe a draft of in iqrār. Underneath there are some pen trials, mainly in Arabic script but at the bottom in Judaeo-Arabic, and a transcription of one verse of the Fātiḥa with an awkward error (اياك ان اعبد واياك ان استعين).