List or table: T-S NS 304.34

List or table T-S NS 304.34

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Alms distribution list. Headed 'by the order of our master' (ʿan amr sayyidnā), presumably the head of the Jews. The next line mentions New Cairo. The names Nahray and Ibn ʿAwkal appear, placing this in the 11th century. There follows a long list of various people as well as an explanation of why they are needy (e.g., sickness, paralysis, large families, capitation tax). Verso is in a tabular format and is headed by a new בש רח. Mentions: al-Shaykh al-Muqaddasī; the brother of the son of ʿAlī; Ibn Yaḥyā; the female custodian (khādima) of the Shāmī synagogue; Maʿālī the porter (al-ḥammāl); a sick person (al-mubtalā); Umm Ghāliya; Ibn al-מבוש(?); Umm Mīkhāʾīl; the Tyrian glassmakers (al-Ṣūriyyīn al-Zajjājīn); al-Lādhiqī; Yona and his brother; and Umm Shalom. Probably the same hand, and mentioning some of the same people: T-S Ar.30.67 (PGPID 4587) and T-S NS 304.34 (PGPID 24985).