Letter: T-S NS 297.57

Letter T-S NS 297.57


Input date

In PGP since 2019


Copy of a letter addressed to "the ustādh." The titles ʿAḍud al-Dawla wa-Tāj al-[...] appear. Written in Arabic script, in eloquent style but lousy handwriting with diacritics and vowels. The addressee is compared to silver, gold, and camphor. It is not clear if any of the substance of the original message is preserved. Further evidence that this was a writing exercise is that it fills the page and abruptly stops mid-sentence. On verso: "the handwriting (or: the document) of Abū Naṣr." Underneath that, there are doodles including a decorated square containing a basmala and the name Abū Naṣr.