List or table: T-S NS 225.102

List or table T-S NS 225.102


Accounting in Judaeo-Arabic. Probably in the hand of Shelomo b. Eliyyahu. Listing various debts owed, as well as several entries involving books. One mentions a commentary (Perush); another might mention (Abū) l-Thanāʾ; then Muḥammad al-Ṭabīb (the physician); a bound Arabic "Tadhkira" (likely Tadhkirat al-Kaḥḥālīn); 19 notebooks/quires; 7 dirhams of rent owed for a shop; 4.5 dirhams owed by the writer's cousin (ibn ʿamm) Yosef b. Abū l-Faraj Ibn al-Tawwazī (cf. T-S 6J5.19 (PGPID 17122)); and other debts owed by Abū l-Faḍl Ibn Nafūsī(?), the writer's maternal uncle, Sayyid al-Ahl, and various other people. At the bottom there are several lines of a damaged list of materia medica (headed "ḥawāʾij al-ʿiṭr") in Arabic script.