Letter: T-S 6J5.19

Letter T-S 6J5.19


Letter from a son to his father, concerned with traveling issues, sending greetings to many family members, and mentioning the sender’s uncle Abū l-Faraj Ibn al-Tawwazī (cf. T-S NS 225.102 (PGPID 24100)). Likely the handwriting of Shelomo b. Eliyyahu (ID by Amir Ashur). Among the greetings: "..and regards to your mother, but by God, O father, don't do anything to make her pray! By God, her prayers are like arrows that never miss, and may God not punish you and us all with their fire" (ועלי ואלדתך אלסלאם ובאללה יא אבי לא תתכסב מנהא דעא פאן ואללה דעאהא כאלסהאם אלדי מא תכיב פאללה לא יואכדך ולא יואכדנא מן נארהם). (Information in part from CUDL.)

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