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Letter in the hand of the professional scribe Shelomo b. Shemuel b. Seʿadya (fl. early 13th century). In Judaeo-Arabic. Possibly a draft. He is reporting on his progress completing various commissions. He has "fulfilled the rights..." of "the noble Majlis," and he has sent with the Parnas Abū l-Najm 18 quires (kurrās/karārīs) out of the two volumes (al-juzʾayn) in his possession. He has had difficulty in buying parchment for the purpose which he had previously mentioned to the addressee. He asks 'Sayyidnā' to send an advance of 25 dirhams toward the price of the quires (the remainder of the price of the two volumes to be paid upon completion). The only reason he has not finished before Rosh Hashana is that he has been exerting himself trying to find parchment. There follows another similar update on a different project. On verso there is liturgical text (the birkat ha-mazon for weekdays) in the same hand. ASE

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