State document: T-S Misc.29.17

State document T-S Misc.29.17



Official report in Arabic script. Blaming a spy named Abū Saʿīd Ibn al-Ḥammāra and one other person for betraying Damietta to the Franks and possibly the Byzantines as well, either leading to its loss or simply a military setback. May date to 1169 CE. Mentions ʿAkkā and Yāfā and contains many important details. This document is not a join with T-S Ar.42.93 (PGPID 21166) but probably dates to the same period, and the hand and layout appear similar. Reused on verso for Megillat Esther (cf. T-S NS 339.6 (PGPID 25983), same idea, different scribe). Needs further examination. ASE