State document: T-S Ar.42.93

State document T-S Ar.42.93



State document. An order from the military administration: "min Majlis al-Ḥarb al-Saʿīd." There is an ʿalāma, scribbled out, between lines 1 and 2 of the main text. "Let the one who marches(?) by this order(?) heed/obey it (li-yaʿtamid) by turning toward [...] [and ordering?] the noble [amīr?] Fakhr al-[...] and Shāwar (1162–69) and the contingent of slaves (al-khawal - mercenaries?) to hand over(?) the enemies who attacked Sandafā the night before Sunday(?) (and to send?) them to the Majlis al-Ḥarb, and to promise the deputies (nuwwāb) in the district also [...] the aforementioned. And if the local leader (al-muqaddam) and the deputies (al-nuwwāb) and the slaves (al-khawal) ward you off... let them all be brought(?) to the Majlis [al-Ḥarb]....." This document is not a join with T-S Misc.29.17 (PGPID 23453) but probably dates to the same period, and the hand and layout appear similar. Reused on verso (unless this is somehow related?) for a list of names of (Christian?) men. Needs further examination. ASE