Letter: T-S Misc.23.5

Letter T-S Misc.23.5


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Letter from Aharon b. Yeshuʿa ha-Rofe to Yiṣḥaq ha-Rav ha-Muvhak b. Shemuel ha-Ḥasid ha-Sefaradi. The writer received the addressee's letter regarding the wherebaouts of Abū l-[...] b. Abū l-Maʿālī b. Asad and reports his efforts to track him down. He heard that he was in Damīra, so he sent two messengers, but he had just barely left and gone on to Jūjar. There is then a somewhat difficult line—perhaps that the writer again had to send a messenger instead of going in person, because Jūjar is on a different branch of the Nile than that of al-Maḥalla, "for between al-Maḥalla and it are two rivers (baḥrayn) and a lake (buḥayra)." The writer sent with the messenger several letters, including to the cantor and to the head of the congregation. The writer will follow the orders of the great judges. In the margin he praises but does not name the Nagid (Sar ha-Sarim Rosh ha-Seder). Apart from the address, verso contains several jottings in Hebrew. ASE.