Letter: T-S Misc.20.225

Letter T-S Misc.20.225


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Nearly complete family and business letter from a father Mawhūb b. ʿAbdallāh Ibn al-[...] to his son. In Judaeo-Arabic with the address in Arabic script. Dating: probably mid-12th-century, based on the greetings to Abū l-ʿAlā' b. Tammām, a well-known physician mentioned in CUL Or.1080 J24 (February 1141 CE) and other documents (India Book IVB, p. 440, n. 94, connection made by Amir Ashur). The sender reports that he has received a 'tadhkira' from Ibn al-Dayyān and it is know with his maternal aunt. Mentions: Abū Manṣūr; the house of Abū Saʿd; Abū Ghālib; Abū l-Munā Ibn Qashqūsh (appears also in ENA NS 77.280 (PGPID 12734)); various commodities, including quince syrup and the term קמאם; Abū l-Faraj; and greetings from the sender's son Abū l-Faraj. Needs further examination