Letter: T-S Misc.11.110

Letter T-S Misc.11.110



Recto: A very formal letter (resembling a legal document or legal query) to an authority in Fustat, regarding the daughter of [...] ha-Levi, known as Ghazāl, who is betrothed to Eliyya Marṭūb. A certain Moshe has been maligning the reputation of Eliyya's fiancee. The writers of the letter are very upset and wish the addressee to investigate the situation and to punish Moshe as necessary. Dated "vihi ka-zayiT hoDo" (Hosea 14:7), which likely means 1643/4 CE (5404). Verso: An account or donation list using western Arabic numerals. A Hayyim Vital appears, but the date excludes the famous one.