Legal document: T-S J3.12

Legal document T-S J3.12


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A unique legal deed: A man appoints his father to collect 200 dinars from his debtor. The groom apparently owes the same amount to his future bride, to serve as betrothal money (קידושין במלווה). According to to Jewish law such betrothal, were the marriage money is a loan, is invalid (Maimonides, Ishut, 5:13), but if the loan is for mortgage it is valid (Maimonides, ibid. 5:14). The continuation of the deed is not clear: it seems that the groom betroth the bride by a lower sum, while his father was responsible for the rest. Written on vellum, in Hebrew. Probably from a book of legal deed but probably a copy of a real case. 11th century. AA .