Letter: T-S AS 214.248

Letter T-S AS 214.248

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In PGP since 2019


Letter. Fragment (upper left corner of recto). Mostly in Arabic script, but with a few Hebrew words inserted, such as כתובה. The sender's name or title appears in the tarjama at upper left (al-ḥazzān? al-jazzār?). The addressee seems to be a ḥaver (مولاي الحابار السيد اطال الله بقاه). Mentions various sums of money ranging from large to extremely large (20 dinars for براني مطيبة(؟) in l. 5, and 200 dinars in l. 3, and 1,250(?) dinars in l. 6). Maybe this letter has to do with the dowry of a very wealthy bride. On verso there are jottings in large Arabic script (or possibly a fragment of an official document) and in Hebrew.