Legal document: T-S AS 168.213

Legal document T-S AS 168.213


Fragment of a court register. In the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe ha-Levi (1100–38 CE). Entries on verso include (a) a marriage agreement between Namer al-Khayyāṭ and Ḥasana bt. Ḥalfon ha-Kohen and (b) a sale of a floor in a house between Mevorakh b. Mes[ullam] and ʿAzīza bt. Abū [...] known as Ibn Miksār (? מכסאר). This is the same couple as in ENA 4011.67 (PGPID 2397). Recto is difficult to make sense of. Mentions [...] b. Shelomo; "the congregation"; and conditions that someone will not work in [...] Shubrā. AA. ASE.