Legal document: T-S AS 168.112

Legal document T-S AS 168.112


Digest of a deed of sale for a house. Mostly written by Halfon b. Menashshe ha-Levi in his worst cursive hand. The first few lines were written by another scribe, and Ḥalfon b. Menashshe took over the writing mid-sentence. The house is in Fustat, in Qaṣr al-Shamʿ, Zuqāq al-Yahūd. There follows a detailed description of its boundaries; one is the house of Abū l-Khayr al-Yahūdī known as Ibn al-ʿIrqī (אלערקי) (this is the house in T-S Misc.28.10 (PGPID 8370)). A sum of 13 (dinars) is mentioned. The date is Wednesday, 21 Ḥeshvan (plausible options: 1108, 1111, 1115, 1128, or 1135).